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Pre-college Workbooks:  
Level K (ages 5-6) ($10.00 ea.)
Original Prep A ($10.00 ea.)
Original Prep B ($10.00 ea.)
Original Level 1 ($10.00 ea.)
Original Level 2 ($10.00 ea.)
Original Level 3 ($10.00 ea.)
Original Level 4 ($10.00 ea.)
New Prep A ($10.00 ea.)
New Prep B ($10.00 ea.)
New Level 1 ($10.00 ea.)
New Level 2 ($10.00 ea.)
New Level 3 ($10.00 ea.)
New Level 4 ($10.00 ea.)
Pre-college Desk Copies:  
Original ($40.00 ea.)
    (Prep A - Level 4)
New ($40.00 ea.)
    (Prep A - Level 4)
College Workbooks:  
College Level 1 ($20.00 ea.)

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